Conveyor thread

Threads or endless conveyors are machines for horizontal or vertical product transport by means of an endless helix that rotates taking the product forward.

This transport system is used mainly to transport granulated materials, cereals, minerals and flour, in the agricultural, industrial, mining, chemical, environmental sectors and a long etcetera.

Our extensive experience allows us to offer a wide variety of options and customized solutions for all types of applications required by our clients.

Roscas Transportadoras Rosal

Featured benefit

  • Modular design for easy shipping, installation and maintenance.
  • Wide range of options to adapt to the needs of our clients
  • Long useful life.
  • High efficiency and effectiveness
  • Security systems

Characteristics Conveyor thread

We have a wide range of models of endless conveyors and characteristics according to capacity, length, product and location of the machine.

  • Manufactured in carbon steel, galvanized or stainless steel sheet metal.
  • Gyro detector.
  • Anti-jam detector.
  • Drive by geared motor.

Rosal Mabrik is a company founded in 1956 dedicated to manufacturing machinery, engineering and assembly related to feed, premix, concentrates and feed plants for pets.

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