MRR roller mill

The roller mill is especially recommended in those facilities that require a homogeneous grinding with the lowest percentage of fines, such as, for example, in feed plants with layer formulas.

Characteristics most important characteristics of the roller mill

  • Product feeding by dosing roller with automatic flow regulation by electronic speed variator with load programmer.
  • Built-in high power magnet for separation of metal particles in the grinding chamber.
  • Specially grooved, hardened cast iron rollers mounted on reinforced bearings and supports.
  • Robust grinding chamber made of high-strength sheet steel.
  • Regulation of approach and separation of the rollers by means of Vis system driven by motor and special reducers.
  • Control panel with digital display for remote control of the adjustment of the rollers.
  • Main drive with motor for each roller deck with transmission by pulleys and toothed belts.

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