Rotary Valves

Metallic construction, completely dust-tight sealed.
Air tight sealing mechanized rotor.
Control axle on ball bearings.
Control by means of fitted motoreducer.
Low consumption of driving power.
Specially designed for the unloading of the dust arrestance cyclons, bag collector filters, pulse pneumatic transport are as well biult up.

typecap. in m3/hABCDvolume dm3weight
EN 250 I15,84170×220170×2205254008793
EN 320 I36225×280225×280640480131160
EN 400 I89,76300×400300×400695620221278
EN 250 E15,84170×220170×2205254008798
EN 320 E36225×280225×280640480131169
EN 400 E89,76300×400300×400695620221286
typeABCDcap. n/hvolume dm3weight
Dimensions in mm. and weight stated in kg.